La casavecchia Holiday Charme country house in Chianti , Tuscany


Eco World

The Earth we are living on was not given to us by our Parents, but borrowed to us by our Children....

“L'ozio in Collina” undertook the obligation to adhere with the philosophy of environmental sustainability, and we are eager to apply this innovative philosophy for the new project aiming at the protection of the environment.

The project’s idea was born with the help of a group of hotel owners particularly sensitive to the environmental issues – and, thanks to the long-term experience, they know very well the necessities and problems associated with running of a hotel activity, and are willing to contribute to the subject matter and to affront the problem of environmental protection by applying solid and innovative solutions.

In particular, the Relais "La Casavecchia" applies a series of eco-compatible solutions aiming at the benefit of the environment, and of our guests. 


  •  Everyday control of possible water waste
  •  Control of the taps and showers water flow by means of special regulators
  •  At our Restaurant we use water dispensers instead of bottled water
  •  Our gardens and orchards are watered during the least hot hours of the day
  •  Using of 80% of Class A lamps
  •  The majority of detergents used by us is of certified ecological quality 
  •  Using at least  50% of recycled paper for the office needs
  •  Independent heating equipment in every apartment
  •  Availability of the Internet in order to reduce paper waste
  •  Trash bins in every bathroom, and separated garbage cans in order to stimulate differentiated garbage collection
  •  Rigorous applying of the methods of biological agriculture
  •  The most part of the products used at our Restaurant are those from the local Tuscany farms 


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